Autism Therapy in 6-Month-Old Babies Eliminates Symptoms in Limited Study

Autism research is in a race against time. For years, researchers have sought to screen for symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at younger ages, and enroll children in behavioral therapy earlier and earlier. A new study published Tuesday pushed the age limits of the research with a small number of extremely young infants, some as young as six months old. By the time the children turned four, having received therapy administered entirely by their parents, almost none of them required any form of autism services.

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One Response to Autism Therapy in 6-Month-Old Babies Eliminates Symptoms in Limited Study

  1. chavisory says:

    Those kids are all probably still autistic, if they ever were at all (rather than having some other transient developmental delay). See, autism is not a disorder of social behavior, and parents adapting their interaction to make socialization more comfortable for their kids, will not cure it. Because it’s about how the brain processes and prioritizes every kind of information–sensory, movement, patterns and detail, language, emotion, etc.–not just how they act with their parents under controlled circumstances.

    You can coax kids into certain superficial behaviors (because we’re really good at pattern-recognition), but you’re not changing the fact that someone is autistic.

    Any study claiming to have produced non-autistic children, should be required to follow up with those kids in 30 years to see how many of them have suffered burnouts or been re-diagnosed.

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