21 Soothing Songs Kids With Sensory Sensitivities Love (including some kids with autism)

For kids with sensory sensitivities, sometimes the world can be overwhelming. Maybe it’s too loud or too bright. Maybe there’s too many people and the stimulation from the chaos is painful. When your child experiences sensory overload, it’s time to help them find a calmer location and develop a routine to soothe their overwhelmed sense.

One tool that many parents (and adults with sensory issues) may find helpful for sensory overload is a playlist of soothing songs. Autism advocate and Mighty contributor Kerry Magro shared how music — Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” in particular — was such an important of his process for soothing overwhelming sensory experiences.

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Does your company nurture neurodiverse talent?

Neurodivergence – also known as neurodiversity – is a term many people may not be familiar with. It refers to the community of people who have dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, are on the autism spectrum, or have other neurological functions.

According to to the conciliation service ACAS, “these are ‘spectrum’ conditions, with a wide range of characteristics, but which nevertheless share some common features in terms of how people learn and process information”.

“Our artists, not all of them, certain ones, definitely think differently,” says David. He’s not just talking about Florence Welch or Billie Eilish – whose neurodiversity is well documented – he’s talking about any employee at the label who is part of the creative process.

An estimated one in seven people are neurodivergent in the UK but this isn’t something that is routinely acknowledged in the workplace.

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Psych Central podcasts

This site has episodes usually from 30-45 minutes on a variety of topics.

Psych Central is proud to host a number of weekly podcasts on a variety of mental health and topics relating to mental illness.


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Aspergers from the Inside

My name is Paul and I discovered I have Aspergers at age 30. If you’re new you can check out a playlist of some of my most popular videos here: https://www.youtube.com/c/aspergersfr…

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24 ‘Harmless’ Comments That Hurt Highly Sensitive People

Highly sensitive people (HSPs) notice things that slip past many people — the brush of coarse fabric, the pull of good art, the shift as the sun pulls away from the cloud cover. They feel things deeply and are easily affected by the words and feelings of the people around them.

Sensitivity is not a weakness. However, HSPs are prone to overstimulation when their environment becomes intense, and may find themselves in need of support from their loved ones. Unfortunately, many HSPs find that the people around them don’t understand their experience or know how to help them. Well-meaning but misguided friends and family members often advise them to “get over” their feelings or be ‘less sensitive.’ HSPs come away from these conversations feeling invalidated and alone.

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of comments like these, you’re not the only one. We want you to know that your sensitivity is a gift and you deserve to be accepted as you are. If you’re ever in need of someone to talk to, feel free to post to The Mighty’s #CheckInWithMe page and connect with people who know what you’re going through.

We asked The Mighty community to share the “harmless” comments they’ve been hurt by in the past. Here’s what they told us.

Here they are:


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20 Signs Someone Is On The Road to Becoming a Hoarder

Nearly everyone has seen the TV Show Hoarders and wondered, “how did they get this way?” Most young people would never have imagined themselves growing up to become a hoarder. But after years of tough times in their lives, they find themselves in a situation where they can hardly walk through their own house without tripping over the things they own. Once you become a full-blown hoarder, it is far more difficult to break through to someone and help them live a more normal life.

Years ago, people hoarded because they survived the Great Depression. Today, Millennials have lived through the Great Recession. While our problems may not be the same as everyone who lived in the 1930s, we still have a lot of the same anxieties that our ancestors did. And this can lead us to wanting to hold onto things out of fear that we may need them someday. Here are some of the most common signs that your behavior and lifestyle might eventually lead to you becoming a hoarder when you get older.

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Clothing Size Guide In Works For Those With Down Syndrome

People with Down syndrome have shorter limbs, rounder bodies and common sensitivities to tags and fabrics, which make it difficult to find everyday clothes, like jeans, that fit them and feel good. Jayden would often wear women’s capri pants because they fit his waist and shorter legs. But as he has grown into a more muscular body, capris are no longer working.

Clothing Size Guide In Works For Those With Down Syndrome

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Top tips for overcoming insomnia and anxiety

Sleep is the greatest natural performance enhancer available to each and every one of us. Conversely, poor sleep can affect our performance on a pitch, track or court, and have a negative impact on our work and relationships.
In Don’t Tell Me The Score, Simon Mundie talks to Dr Guy Meadows, sleep expert and founder of The Sleep School, who has helped many sportspeople wave goodbye to insomnia.
He explains how Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – which teaches you to welcome in rather than fight your uncomfortable feelings and emotions – is not only a powerful tool against sleeplessness, but can also help us address anxiety in all areas of life.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder video

Here’s a half-hour piece on obsessive compulsive disorder.


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A boy with autism wouldn’t sit still on a United Airlines flight. So crew and passengers stepped in to help.

Braysen is a 4-year-old autistic boy who usually loves to fly. But he had a meltdown on a United Airlines flight from San Diego to Houston.
That was when the aircraft’s crew and passengers came together to help him.
The boy’s mother, Lori Gabriel of Cypress, Texas, told CNN that Braysen removed his seat belt just before takeoff, saying he wanted to sit on the floor.
“It was impossible to restrain him. He was fighting both me and his father. It took the both of us to try to get him back to his chair and get his seat belt back on. He started kicking, screaming and hitting,” said Gabriel. “That’s when a flight attendant came over and told us the flight couldn’t take off until he’s seated.”
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